NUML International Journal of Engineering and Computing (NIJEC)  is an Open Access research  journal with aim to disseminate high quality original research work in the field of Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Software Engineering. All submissions to NIJEC are processed through rigorous screening and Double Blind Peer-Review processes.

The submissions are accepted but not limited following topics:

Electrical Engineering

  • Digital signal and image processing
  • Smart Grid
  • Next Generation Communication Networks
  • Internet of Things
  • UAV Communication
  • D2D Communication
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Microwave and Optical Meta-materials
  • Applied Electromagnetics
  • Emerging Applications of 2D Materials
  • Nano-materials and Nano-engineering, Meta-surfaces and their applications


Computer Science

  • Information security, Security and privacy for IoT solutions
  • Mobile computing and wireless networks
  • Trustworthy computing, Crowd sensing and ubiquitous networks
  • Sensing, Caching, Computing, Communication and analysis for IoT Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning, scheduling and Optimization
  • Electronic commerce, Social Systems, Semantic web and text summarization
  • Social/multimedia content mining, crowd sourcing, Image, Audio and Video processing
  • Edge computing, Cloud computing and Software defined Networks
  • Big Data, De-duplication, Data mining and Data Science. Classification and Clustering
  • Smart cities, intelligent transportation and internet of vehicles
  • Block chain, Bitcoin, Digital Currencies and Business Intelligence
  • Human Computer Interaction, Smart societies
  • Position estimation, position-based routing and data analysis using AI techniques 


Software Engineering

  • Software Requirement engineering
  • Software project management
  • Software metrics
  • Software quality
  • Software testing
  • Social and ethical issues in software engineering
  • Software crowdsourcing
  • Software architecture
  • Open-Source Development



  • Fluid Dynamics & its Applications
  • Dynamical Systems & Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Computations & Simulations for Different Mathematical Problems
  • Numerical Methods for Differential Equations
  • Computational Optimization
  • Algebra
  • Edge computing, Cloud computing and Software defined Networks
  • Graph Theory and Analysis