NUML International Journal of Engineering and Computing (NIJEC) is a research journal that invites contributions of original and novel fundamental research for scientists and engineers involved in all aspects of computer science and technology to publish high quality papers. The journal aims to provide a forum for the presentation of original fundamental research, interpretative reviews and discussion for new developments in the area of Engineering and Computing. The objective of NJEC is to provide an international forum for the publication and dissemination of original work, which covers all aspects of electrical engineering, mathematics, computer science theories, models and new programming development, and software engineering aspects. NJEC will not limit itself to a single perspective or approach, but seeks to represent the diversity of the aforementioned fields. Besides, the journal also publishes peer-reviewed full-length articles from proceedings of conferences held in NUML in the form of special issues.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to the following areas:

Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

Digital signal and image processing

Information security

Smart Grid

Mobile computing

Next Generation Communication Networks

Trustworthy computing

Internet of Things

Algorithm analysis

UAV Communication

Artificial Intelligence

D2D Communication

Electronic commerce

Cognitive Radio Networks

Ad Hoc sensor networks

Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)

Wireless body area networks

Machine Learning Applications

Database systems

Microwave and Optical Meta-materials

Cloud computing

Applied Electromagnetics

Block chain, Bitcoin, Digital Currencies and Business Intelligence

Emerging Applications of 2D Materials

Human Computer Interaction

Nano-materials and Nano-engineering

Social Systems and Applications

Meta-surfaces and their applications


Software Engineering

Fluid Dynamics & its Applications

Software Requirement engineering

Dynamical Systems & Differential Equations

Software project management

Mathematical Physics

Software metrics

Computations & Simulations for Different Mathematical Problems

Software quality

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations

Software testing

Computational Optimization

Social and ethical issues in software engineering

Computational Finance

Software crowdsourcing


Software architecture

Graph Theory

Open Source Development