Fault detection and remote monitoring of robotic manipulator using Internet of Things (IoT)

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Faiq Ahmad Khan
Muhammad Hamza Khan
Fizza Khan
Mubashir Bashir
Khalil Ullah


Remote monitoring of industrial machines is important in order to have high productivity
continuous process control. New emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), are
facilitating the process of automation and remote controlling in multiple ways. In this research
work, a robotic manipulator based on PUMA robot structure and an intelligent remote
maintenance system is developed aimed to ensure the continual accurate operation of a robotic
manipulator. Entire manipulator is designed from different types of motors like DC motors,
stepper motors and servo motors along with their motor drivers. Various types of sensors like
Tachometer, DHT11 Temperature and Humidity sensor, Capacitance meter and EMF
Detector are also designed and interfaced with the manipulator for identification of different
faults. Android App and Wi-Fi module are used for the remote-controlled automation
purposes. The authors were succeeded in detecting various faults in the robotic manipulator
and notifying the operator in real-time.


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Volume 1 (2022)