NLP-Based Analysis of Public Perception Regarding Covid-19 Vaccines

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Neelofer Memon
Zafi Sherhan Syed
Komal Memon


The Covid-19 pandemic affects millions of people throughout the world. Everyone's life gets disturbed because of this pandemic. The Covid-19 vaccines are now freely available, but people still get feared because of the rumors spread by social media. Despite recommendations from experts, people show conceptions and perceptions regarding vaccines on social media platforms. The main objective of this study is to introduce the methodology to analyze the public's views regarding covid-19 vaccines using a publicly available worldwide Twitter dataset. In this study, we have used Natural Language Processing to analyze the sentiments. For sentiment analysis, we use Keras embeddings (deep Neural network) and Top2vec for topic modeling. This research will aid the government so that they can distinguish the major issues and provide preventive measures by taking the help of social media.


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Volume 2 (2023)